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The Khaarijee: A Chronicle of Friendship and War in Kabul


Kansas City Star - September 19, 2009 “The Khaarijee is heartbreakingly vivid. Kabul no longer seems far away or so easy to ignore.”

Kirkus Reviews - September 22, 2009 "Timely and compelling, Garcia provides a glimpse beyond the easy headlines.”

PopMatters - December 4, 2009 “The book is interspersed with poignant, artfully-told tales of the Afghans that he meets in his quest for the next article. But The Khaarijeeis primarily the accessible, genuine, personal story of how this particular outsider navigates life in a poor, war-torn, and politically volatile country.”

The Internet Review of Books - February 1, 2010 “There’s no question Garcia is a talented writer…His use of dialogue shows there’s more to journalism than the inverted pyramid, and his tone is so sincere that readers are sure to turn each page with respect.”

The Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2008 “The West has failed to deliver on the development promises it made to Afghanistan, says journalist Malcolm Garcia in The Virginia Quarterly Review, as he ponders his own unfulfilled promises made to a band of Kabul orphans he befriended during a reporting stint in 2004….”
“Mr. Garcia finally tracked down three of the orphaned kids. They were out of school, but eager to return. Each earns about $6 a week, doing things like selling tea or fixing bikes. Mr. Garcia considered promising them $100 a month for an education, but in the end only promised to come up with the money. ‘I feel like America,’ he says. ‘I got these boys thinking about their futures and then jumped ship."

Dave Eggers, San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2009 "[ Garcia's ] Afghani election story is amazing. It happened weeks ago, but the piece is timeless, in the same way you read John Hersey on Hiroshima today."

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